We provide a modular design website from CHF 2900.--

Numerous combinable modules allow us to adjust each web page to the precise needs of you and your customer.
kasan.ch offers CMS-based, responsive design web sites at a fair price.

Webdesign system

Multi Device – Responsive Web Design

User-friendly display on each device
  • High tech
  • You reach a wider audience
  • A table of content with a reactive design
  • Platform independent: supports iOS, Android, Win Mobile, BlackBerry, desktop…

kasan.ch specialises in responsive web design.
This means that our websites display perfectly on any device automatically, adjusting to the screen size whether it be – Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook or Desktop-Monitor. You never need zoom into kasan.ch website.

Try it now by reducing the window width of your browser. This is responsive web design, this is the future. Over 25% of our visitors access our site via their mobile device and this number is rising.

We test our websites on all devices thoroughly. If it does not work universally, we do not implement.


Proven and always personal
  • Professional and 100% responsive
  • State of the art web design
  • Extensive multimedia integration
  • No more zooming
  • User friendly on every device


We work with a flexible basic layout, which we adjust to your individual needs.
A website by kasan.ch is responsive and pleasurable.

Once you have placed your order we can either utilise your existing brand colour system or we can create one for you. We are happy to provide advice on key design issues.

Should you need images, we can offer our professional support - we work with reliable partners and you will not be charged astronomical sums for the image rights.

If you wish to integrate YouTube videos, an image gallery, dynamic tweets or a calendar function, everything is possible with our solution.

If your website is hosted through our partner Partner , kasan.ch will ensure that your website maintains the latest technical requirements.

We have built a system that offers you great flexibility and great value for money. At CHF 2500.-- you will have a high quality, contemporary website.

Web design for SME / web design for retail / web design for restaurants / web design for individuals / web design for products / web design for celebrities / web design for photographers
Web design for you > kasan.ch > one click to success.

CMS based

Clear and easy to administrate
  • Inclusive training
  • Efficient introduction to the administration tool
  • Updates easily done by yourself
  • Full cost control - you are able to make many changes yourself

We work with Contao.
This CMS (Content Management System) is an open source system with flexible, modern architecture and high security standards.

We opt for this solution as Contao is cleanly programmed and the administration system is very user-friendly. This simplifies the management and maintenance of your kasan.ch website significantly.

kasan.ch web design is light and loads quickly - this is especially important on mobile devices, ensuring an engaging user experience.

We test all modules that we integrate making certain that there are no conflicts.

No time to administer your site?

We can do it all for you.

You can email us your pictures, text and ideas and we can integrate your updates promptly and professionally.

This solution is an interesting alternative if you would rather be managing your core business or don’t enjoy updating your website. kasan.ch can offer full support at a fair price.

We also offer image editing, logo development and print media production. More about this further down this page.

We aim to process requests efficiently and reliably.

Pay conveniently on-line by credit card. Visit  kasansafe.ch  for further details.


  • Our newsletter solution simplifies your administration
  • Professional appearance
  • Legally compliant (unsubscribe function and databank based)
  • Pre-installed multiple recipient groups

kasan.ch  offer a highly sophisticated newsletter system which is fully integrated into your website. The design and layout of your newsletter corresponds with your website providing a cohesive visual identity for your brand.

A secure database with recipients and subscribers is saved on the server. The database can be updated from a central location and can be divided into recipient groups.

Newsletters are a cost efficient and effective marketing tool. A newsletter shows your activities in an interesting and professional manner. 

kasan.ch  can provide newsletter support, with ideas on how to implement your newsletter attractively and ensuring that it is of interest to the recipient. A professional newsletter using kasan.ch technology will attract more visitors to your website and is fun.

Our newsletter is an additional module and can be implemented immediately, or at a later date.

You should also publish your newsletter information on your Facebook and Google+ page for the purpose of search engine optimisation. We will gladly support you in the social media area.

Custom Coding & Module Development


Custom programming is an important part of our offer. Wiparat Mantel is a certified SAP ABAP programmer with over 10 years experience in global corporate companies. If you require integrated tables, calculations and statistics programmed to your exact requirements, talk to us. We are able to make almost anything possible!

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation


A well designed website with lots of valuable information is useless if your potential clients can’t find it.
With our SEO module you will ensure that your site is visible for just CHF 120.-- per month.

To place your website at the top of Google listings we work with sophisticated techniques. In less than a month you will begin to see the success of this module, however it is a long-term development which can only be measured after 4 to 6 months. Once you are satisfied with the SEO efforts of  kasan.ch  , you can renew your package.

In addition, we will install a Google Analytics and a Webmaster tools application, providing you with transparent and detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. This will also highlight which sections could be revised, improved, elaborated upon or enlarged.

We are happy to set-up Google Analytics for you without the SEO service.

Since we have a one-time overhead when collecting your data, the first module is more expensive than subsequent modules. You can check the success of the  kasan.ch  SEO service yourself, at any time, via our detailed work reports.

You know your business best and therefore we ask you to provide us with a list of keywords and text about your offers. We provide full details of SEO requirements as soon as we receive your order.

Wir arbeiten Google Pinguin und Panda sicher.
Denn falsches SEO Marketing wirkt sich negativ auf Ihre Indexierung aus.

Promotional Trailer

  • Addresses visitors in an engaging way
  • Imparts information and knowledge
  • Differentiates you from your competitors

Video can help you more than any other medium. Through film and video you can appear livelier on the Internet, more effective in your marketing and more impressive at trade fairs. Engage your buyers, investors, partners, employees and site visitors with your company and your products.

High quality does not mean high costs. We also offer great solutions for smaller budgets.

Here is a small selection of our work to illustrate the possibilities. Contact kasan.ch and we will send you a customised offer.

Marketing Trailer > Tom > for CHF 1300.-- (Best seller)

Marketing Trailer > Mike & Anna > for CHF 1200.--

Trailer > Schwerelos > for CHF 1000.--

kasan.ch can make promotional videos for any product or service: Photographers, models, clubs, promotions, trade shows, invitations for weddings, birthdays and much more…

YouTube videos help increase your Google ranking.
YouTube is the second largest search engine and belongs to Google.

HTML5 & Multimedia

  • Highly contemporary and trend setting
  • Multimedia, YouTube and Facebook integration

All our websites are HTML5-based and provide a barrier-free surfing experience. kasan.ch website works beautifully on all devices, the layout adjusting automatically to the display size.

The integration of audio, video and interactive maps is fully supported and you can easily administer your own slide shows. 

Example - Video Integration

Work by Kasan Mantel

YouTube videos help increase your Google ranking.:-)

Example – Slide Show

Work by Kasan Mantel

Adobe Flash is not supported by many devices, therefore we never use it. 


  • Never change a running system

We take responsibility for all technology up-dates. All kasan.ch web sites are on the same platform.

This simplifies our administration and at the same time you profit by receiving free up-dates. As kasan.ch customer, you will also receive regular newsletters that will inform you about important news and offer helpful tips.

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