Light Website CHF 2900.--

Tailored concept with your color scheme
4 pages produced
Contact formular
Google Maps integration
Logo + Banner integration
Remote Desktop Support
Can easily be expanded by you
No page number restrictions.

Comfort Website CHF 3700.--

Tailored concept with your color scheme
8 pages produced
Contact formular
Google Maps integration
Logo integration
Banner Creation
Remote Desktop Support
Custom Work
Can easily be expanded by you
No page number restrictions.

Banner Animation

Bring life to your site.
HTML 5 animations with image and text.
Depending on complexity
CHF 300.-- to 500.--

Newsletter CHF 800.--

Adapted to your color scheme
Login and logout function
Database based
100% website integration
Easy to send
Complies with legal requirements.

Price Calculator Angebot - CHF


   Light  2900.--
   Comfort  3700.--
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SEO package

   Starterpackage 1100.--
   Rocketpackage 2900.--
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   Newsletter  800.--
   Paypal  700.--


   Briefpapier  500.--
   Visitenkarten  500.--


   Logoentwicklung  850.--
   Bildsprache  780.--



Starter package CHF 1100.--
Suitable for entry into the world of Google.
This package is active for 6 months, after which you can decide how to proceed. We would recommend the maintenance package for CHF 120 per month, otherwise your website will lose visibility within the Google search engine.
> You will have a much better ranking in Google.

Rocket Package CHF 2900.--
Our tip to ensure your website is dominant within the Google search engine. 

This package is active for 6 months and is very useful if you are heavily dependent on the Internet, and your business success is influenced by your Google ranking. After the initial 6 months we would then recommend an investment of CHF 200-300 a month for the maintenance of your ranking. 
Don't understand this bit!:
7 von 10…This does not include any purchased Ad words or advertising.
This package also provides a detailed analysis of your web presence as well as social media consultancy.
> Your Google ranking will be exceptional!


We would be delighted to discuss our SEO service with you.
Contact Us.


We work with Google Pinguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithms
because poor SEO Marketing has a negative effect on your indexing.


  • We provide an open and clear pricing policy.
  • Our system is designed modularly.
  • We provide a simple online payment system -

You want a professional appearance, but have a small budget? Select the Light Website solution. 

If you prefer more pre-prepared pages and want a comprehensive website, please select the Comfort Website package.

Neither solution has any restriction on the number of pages within your website, and both can be easily expanded.

Payment Method
Pay conveniently by credit card. 
You know how much time and effort administration and accounting needs. 
Since time is money we provide a simple, efficient and secure accounting and payment system -
You get more for your money and we can devote ourselves to our core business – your website.
Find out more. (website german)

The module has the same functionality as the Light Website and Comfort Website. By administering it yourself you maintain control and save money.



Kasan is here for you; you can  contact us  during business hours by phone or e-mail. We offer rapid support and do not have a ticket system where you have to wait for help.

Some training and support is included within your package – the amount depends on which package you chose. Our hourly rate for further support is CHF 85.00 per hour. For smaller issues, we will not charge you.

We work with Team Viewer when providing support (Remote Desktop Connection) and are therefore very efficient.

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