Promotional Trailer

  • Addresses visitors in an engaging way
  • Imparts information and knowledge
  • Differentiates you from your competitors

Video can help you more than any other medium. Through film and video you can appear livelier on the Internet, more effective in your marketing and more impressive at trade fairs. Engage your buyers, investors, partners, employees and site visitors with your company and your products.

High quality does not mean high costs. We also offer great solutions for smaller budgets.

Here is a small selection of our work to illustrate the possibilities. Contact and we will send you a customised offer.

Marketing Trailer > Tom > for CHF 1300.-- (Best seller)

Marketing Trailer > Mike & Anna > for CHF 1200.--

Trailer > Schwerelos > for CHF 1000.-- can make promotional videos for any product or service: Photographers, models, clubs, promotions, trade shows, invitations for weddings, birthdays and much more…

YouTube videos help increase your Google ranking.
YouTube is the second largest search engine and belongs to Google.


In addition to a website, many of our customers require a logo, business cards, stationery, promotional flyers and other print media.

You would like signage for your car or shop window? We are here for you.

We can provide comprehensive support for all of your print requirements very competitively and are happy to provide a quotation online.


Sample business cards

A business card that will ensure you are remembered

Each card can be printed on both sides.

For our customer  (fine art printing) we were asked to design 500 business cards each with a different back.
For the customer  (pilot) we used 100 different sky and cloud images on the reverse of each card.

Each card is unique. Printed with an indigo on Super Heavy Mohawk Papier.

Why are these cards so special?

Below is a film highlighting the uniqueness and quality of our business cards.

Film showing the work of Kasan Mantel > The Tree of Advertising

Work by Kasan Mantel


If you do not have sufficient or satisfactory images for your new website we will be able to assist. 

Kasan Mantel has a professional photography background and equipment - you can benefit from years of professional experience.

Trailer > Hot Stuff

download Video file MP4 > click

Work sample > Slide Show > Mix

Custom Coding


Custom programming is an important part of our offer.

If you require integrated tables, calculations and statistics programmed to your exact requirements - we can simplify your work so much. Wiparat Mantel can program exactly what you hope for, and if required, can also integrate the programming into your website and connect with your database.

Talk to us. We can provide almost everything!

Sample > tuck-tuck – Price Calculator


Our client requested a simple price calculator integrated into their website. Rather than provide their customers with a concrete quotation, this was designed to allow them to get an idea of the potential cost of their event.

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Wiparat Mantel is a certified SAP ABAP programmer. She has worked for over 10 years in large corporations with global operations and is highly experienced.

Please contact us and ask for a quotation for your specific programming requirements.